Collaborative divorce is not your typical court-based, high-stress divorce.  In fact, it is meant to resolve your divorce in a peaceful & respectful team-based approach. Restructure relationships faster with less stress.  Preserve finances, reduce emotional tolls on family, and more.

Child Support

Parents have an obligation to support their children according to their means. A parent’s child support obligation arises primarily in the context of dissolution of marriage and paternity actions. Child support is based on the combined net income of the parties, and is determined by using the Florida Child Support Guidelines.


Divorce cases usually require the resolution of issues such as: equitable distribution of property, time sharing, custody and parenting issues, child support, alimony and entitlement to attorney’s fees and costs.  At the Law Office of Libby A. McNary, P.A., we can evaluate your case and advise you regarding alternative courses of action. Florida is a […]